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At Her Fingertips Blog Tour-Author Q& A

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to have Kellyn Roth on my blog today for an interview for her new book, At Her Fingertips.

Hi Kellyn. When did you start writing with the hope of becoming an author?

Probably when I was eleven or twelve. After I finished it back in 2014, I knew I wanted The Dressmaker’s Secret to be my first published work. That was also about the time I learned about Indie publishing and decided to pursue it.

What is At Her Fingertips about?

Well, because I can never sum it up in my own words, here’s the blurb:

Alice Knight is looking forward to her debut as it means she will be able to carry out her plan. She will have her first Season in London, she will meet her husband, and she will marry him. However, Alice struggles to make her feelings reconcile with her goals.
Alice is sure that, if she can only cling to her plans, she will manage without help from anyone — including God. A childhood friend returning unexpectedly, a charming gentleman who is not all he should be, and an American author with strange ideas about life all make her question the plan.
With the life she longs for at her fingertips, can Alice grasp it?

What inspired At Her Fingertips?

I always knew I wanted to write a book about Alice’s young adulthood – her first Season in London, meeting her future husband, etc. It was just a matter of deciding exactly how that would happen! It took a bit of brainstorming.

Who is the book for?

Young adults who want to serve God in their lives – though I think adults may be able to enjoy this story as well. It’s for fans of historical romance and Christian fiction with strong themes.

What do you want readers to gain from your book?

I’m told I have lots of “little lessons” sprinkled throughout my book – though I don’t see most of them. I’m like, “Whoa … you got that out of this story?” I suppose God must have helped! The main theme is following God – not your thoughts, not your feelings, not what may seem logical, and not what you feel is right.

Have you written any other books and where can we get them?

Yes, I have! Other than At Her Fingertips, there are the first two book in the series – The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective. I’ve also written a historical novella set in the 1930s, The Lady of the Vineyard, and its sequel, Flowers. I also have a short story, Esther Acton’s New Dress.

You can find all of these on my website, They’re all listed on my ‘books’ page. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter to receive monthly updates and special features!

I’m British, and I was wondering if you’ve ever been to England before and if not, which city or landmark would you visit?

I’ve never been in Britain, though I travel there with my imagination through books, movies, and Google Streetview. 😉 I really want to, though … definitely on the bucket list!

I want to see Yorkshire – you know, The Secret Garden’s setting – and Oxford. The White Cliffs of Dover and basically any old mansions I could find. The Scottish Highlands would be amazing, too, if I had time.

Basically, I’d like to see everything I could! Just drink it all in.

If you could meet a famous person in the Victorian era, who would it be and why?

Abraham Lincoln! He’s one of my heroes. There’s something about him that just makes me happy. I think he was a very good man.

Where can we connect with you?

I’m on the following websites –

Facebook: @krauthor
Twitter: @ReveriesofRuby
Goodreads: krauthor
Google+: +KellynRothAuthor
Instagram: kellbellroth
Pinterest: krauthor
YouTube: Kellyn Roth
Amazon: author/kellynroth
Personal Blog:
Book Blog:
Official Website:

And finally, what tips you have for young aspiring writers?

Don’t give up! Writing is hard, and sometimes it may seem like there’s no point … but there is a point! I wrote a blog post on the subject as it is something I’m very passionate about. Just keeping writing!

Thanks so much Kellyn! And if what you want to know more about At Her Fingertips and Kellyn herself, then simply continue reading 😊

At Her Fingertips (Book #3, featured novel)

Alice Knight is looking forward to her debut as it means she will be able to carry out her plan. She will have her first Season in London, she will meet her husband, and she will marry him. However, Alice struggles to make her feelings reconcile with her goals.

Alice is sure that, if she can only cling to her plans, she will manage without help from anyone — including God. A childhood friend returning unexpectedly, a charming gentleman who is not all he should be, and an American author with strange ideas about life all make her question the plan.

With the life she longs for at her fingertips, can Alice grasp it?

Find Out More!

About Kellyn

Kellyn Roth was born and lives on a cattle ranch in North-Eastern Oregon. Always fascinated with telling stories, she created crazy games to play with her little brothers as a child. Today, she writes Christian and Historical Fiction with a focus on truth and family. Find out more about her and her novels at

This looks so much fun, don’t you think?

How about you?

Would you like to have lived in the Victorian era?

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Camp NaNaNoWriMo Prep #3-The Vision

Hello everyone.

Eek, Camp NaNoWriMo is nearly here!

So today, we are going to be talking about the vision for your book, or rather a book vision.

What is a book vision?

It’s the ideas and themes of the story and the ideal person that you are writing too.


Ok. let me give you an example with my novel from last year and my project for this year’s Camp NaNo.

When I wrote my first novel last year, I originally  my vision was going to be just about girls having good friendships. But as I started to edit my novel, I realised that I had not just written about girls overcoming their issues. I had written about teen girls who were dealing with bereavement and exploring the ideas of trust and the value of strong family relationships and friendships. Once I realised what the overall view was, I knew that I was going to have to start over and make those themes come out even stronger.

For the children’s book that I am writing next month , I know very well what the themes are going to be: They are about honesty, and standing up for what’s right, even when everyone around you is doing wrong. And now that I know what my themes are, I can confidently write this book.

So, here are two examples of themes for a book, but what about the ideal people that you are writing for? I mean, you can’t please everybody and some people will be more touched by your story than others.

One way that I suggest is by writing an open letter to your one reader who is having to deal with your story’s themes in their life. As you start to do this, think about what kind of people are dealing with those themes- are you writing to a teenage girl who has been diagnosed with cancer? Are you writing to a little boy who has just gotten told off for something that he didn’t do? Are you writing to a young woman who is off to uni? Are you writing to a teacher who is leaving his school?

When you envision the person, think of their language, how they react to certain things and talk to them. Do you have any experiences that you can relate? What are their hobbies? What kind of people do they hang out with?

Once you have written one letter, think of other people who might benefit from your story and write them letters as well. This is the basis for creating characters.

Hopefully, you have now covered  the themes of your book and who your potential audience is going to be. But these are my ideas, and maybe you have another way of forming a vision for your book 🙂

In the next blog post, I will be talking about (gulp) outlining, so stay tuned.

How about you?

Do you have a vision for your book?

Do you have another method for creating a vision?

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Camp NaNoWriMo Prep #1-Prepare

Hello everyone.

As you can see from the title, Camp NaNoWriMo is coming soon, and it may be best to start preparing. For those of you who don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, it’s a monthly challenge that runs in November where you write a novel(or a book of any kind) under 30 days. The camps run in April and July.

So, why we do we need to prepare, and  what does it mean to prepare for NaNoWriMo?

Let’s answer the first question:

We need to prepare for NaNoWriMo, because without a structure and a goal, you are going to crash. Even if you are a pantser, you need to think about how you are going to write this novel.

Now that we know the importance of preparing, let’s think about the second question:

Preparing for NaNoWriMo means four things:

  1. Schedule
  2. Vision
  3. Outline(There, I said the O word. But you pantsers had better not run away)
  4.  Motivation

If you prepare for NaNoWriMo with these four things together, you will get very far.

I will give you an example of when I did Camp NaNoWriMo in July 2017.

It was the first time that I had taken the challenge, and I was very nervous.

I was aware that I had to travel during July, so I made a schedule of when I was going to write and how many words I should write for each day.

Then, I started thinking of the story that I wanted to write, and did some research until I was finally happy with the story concepts.

I then began to outline. Having never outlined before, I did a lot of research on my go to source Helping Writers Become Authors. I seriously recommend this place when you are writing.

Once I had finished, I then told my writing groups, my family and my friends what I was doing, and if I ever felt discouraged during the month they were always there to encourage me.

I was able to finish it in the schedule that I wanted to and travel with my family on a very enjoyable holiday.

Now that we’ve had a look at my story, you are probably thinking of how to prepare the four steps for you. Well, this week and next week, I will be giving you a mini series on how to prepare for NaNoWriMo.

How about you?

Are you doing April’s Camp NaNoWriMo this year?

How are you preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo?

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Writing Wednesday: February’s Links of the Month

Hello everyone!

Yes, it really is the last day of the month!

So before we go into March, why don’t we have a look at some blogs and blog posts?

A Blog: Delighting in Him

Why: Moriah is a young writer who encourages others, in particular  young women, with her gift. And frankly, I’ve always been refreshed whenever I visit her blog, and I definitely recommend it if you’re a young woman who just needs some encouragement.

A Blog Post: Takeover Tuesday: Taylor Bennett’s Everything Wrong Can Be So Right

Why: Taylor has been such an inspiration to me as a teen writer, and her story just shows how when you work hard and have faith, a door will open for you in the form of a miracle, even if you’re a teen writer,.

A Website: The Young Writer

Why: Whilst this isn’t a blog it has  a guidebook with tips from young and veteran authors and many people from the publishing industry and a Facebook community for young writers, i.e. 30 and under, all for FREE! As well as that, they also have a paid programme for young writers which opens for enrolment in January and June. Whilst I’m not part of the programme, the community and guidebook is AMAZING and I seriously recommend you visiting this place. Ok, so I’ve written a lot for this website, but I really, really love it soo…

A Blog Post: How to Write a Query Letter

Why: If you are writer who wants to be traditionally published, this is really useful as you Rachelle’s experience with approaching editors and agents was not only encouraging, but it actually was successful, so we have an idea of what the agents/editors want.

How about you?

Which blogs/ blog posts have you enjoyed this month and why?

See you in March!

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Savoring Single Blog Tour- Author Q&A


Hello everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is a day where there are many mixed emotions due to love and singleness. But today, I’m excited to chat with Shelley Black, the author of Savoring Single, as part of her blog tour  on her new book and her advice for those of us who are single today.

Hi Shelley. When did you begin writing with the goal of becoming an author?

Funny enough, I never set out to become an author. My debut release, “Savoring Single,” came as inspired thought that I then developed to become what it is today. It certainly sparked something in me, though, as I already have four more book ideas and outlines ready to make their way to the blank page. It’s become such an exciting adventure!

What is Savoring Single about?

“Savoring Single” is an encouragement to every single girl heart who loves Jesus that there is more to her life than her relationship status and more to her story than a “happily ever after.” My life was on hold for a long time because I was single and believed I was missing out because of it. When in all reality, life is what we make of it, single or married, and can be thoroughly enjoyed and brimming with fulfilment even as we await God’s every promise to unfold. It is in Christ that our truest lives are lived and being single is the perfect time to give ourselves to that journey!

What inspired Savoring Single?

“Savoring Single” is really my testimony. So when God put the idea, and even the first few chapters, in my heart, I went on a road of remembrance of all He had brought me through and where I am in now today. It was remarkable to see how my thoughts and perspectives had changed, how He has changed my heart. Wow. Glory to God. For real.

Who is the book for?

Any single girl heart who is longing for a better way to do single, who wants to live above the depression, rejection and disappointment, who desires a full life and a rich relationship with God. And maybe she doesn’t even realize this is what she wants yet, but knows there must be something more than tear-stained pillow cases, agonizing loneliness and shallow relationships that don’t mirror true love.

Today, of course, is Valentine’s Day. What tips do you have for girls, women or anyone really who is feeling sad because they are Single? 

God’s way of doing things is opposite to the culture we live in. The world says “take,” God says “give.” The world says “hoard,” God says “be generous.”

When we would rather sulk in our pity-party and wallow in our loneliness, watch a chick-flick and scorn our singleness – as the world has shown us so well to do – but hasn’t that gotten you into the same rut you face every year? So how about try something different.

1 Go and be love to someone else. When we give love, we are loved in return by Him.

2 Spend time to love on God. He delights in spending time with you, so go in your room and instead of teasing your emotions with a sappy romance, allow your heart to think on and read scriptures that declare His love and care for you. You’ll be much better off spending those broken moments with Him, I promise!

3 Tune your heart to thankfulness. Without “preaching” a sub-point (smile), I will say this: Eve’s fall came because she believed the lie that God was holding out on her. Sometimes it’s easy to believe the lie, but only if we’re not submerged in the truth. Let the truth of His Word resound in your heart of His faithfulness, kindness, mercy and provision. Thank Him for everything you can possibly think to thank Him for, from your heart. If you run out of ideas, open a Psalm and as you read, thank Him for what David mentions.



What do you want readers to get out of your book?

I want every girl who reads “Savoring Single” to encounter Abba Father in a deeper way that brings her into a richer, more intimate, relationship with Jesus Christ. Every.single.thing. we could ever hope for or need is in Him. Everything. Life, relationships and even marriage outside of Him is but a vapor of the depth He longs to bring us into by knowing Him. Our sun-parched skin can be momentarily soothed by the sea spray from a crashing wave, or we can swim to the depths of the ocean and drink in the very life our soul is desperate for.

Have you written any other books, and where can we find your writings?

“Savoring Single” is my debut release, but like I said earlier, more to come as early as this Spring. You can subscribe to my blog at to stay up to date on blogs, speaking events and new releases!

“Savoring Single” is available at and

Do you have any other passions other than encouraging others when they are low about feeling Single? 

Oh my heavens. Yes. Worship! It’s the breath of my life and the constant atmosphere of my heart. I also build things, design graphics, spend tons of time with my niece and nephews

Where can we connect with you? or on Facebook and Instagram: @SavoringSingle

What tips do you have for young aspiring writers?

You are uniquely you and you have a story to tell. There are lives your life touches that others, even me, will never be able to reach. There is great power in the testimony, bringing glory to the One who formed us, redeemed us then renewed us to draw us near to Himself.

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” (Acts 20:24 NLT)

Let the lives that we live and the stories we share be to the glory of God. There are many creative and unique ways this can happen and His expression through you is all a part of His design.

Well thank you so much Shelley for this wonderful talk. And be sure to buy her book when you have the chance.

And if you want to know a bit more about Shelley, here is her bio:

Shelley Black_Author Photo.jpg

Shelley Black has journeyed through being single longer than she expected and has since found joy, hope and purpose from a once begrudged season. She now challenges the status quo of what it means to be single as a modern-day Christian female, with a passion to infuse hope and restore joy to every single-girl heart. Shelley is a loving momma to her pup Lucy, is one proud “T” to six nieces and nephews and serves her local church in North Mississippi as the worship leader. Find her at and across social media at SavoringSingle.

How about you?

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day today?

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P. S. My good friend Livy organised this blog tour and has organised many others. If you’re a Christian author who would like to have someone organise a blog tour for your upcoming book, then I highly recommend checking her out. Here is  the link to her services

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Writing Wednesday: ‘Write what know’

“Write what you know” the advice that almost every writer on this planet has heard. For some people, it’s easy to do that. But for a lot of people, this advice can be a bit challenging.

What do people mean when they say “Write what you know” Do they mean that you write your life story into your books? Do they mean write only what actually happens around you, not from what you’ve read or watched on TV?

Even now, I still sometimes get baffled from this statement. But then I realised that as a writer, lots of things capture you and inspire you to write. Like when someone annoys you, or when you  read about a person who tried to make pancakes but nearly set the house on fire. There are loads of people, books, countries, languages, schools, places etc. that you already know about that can spark a story

Frankly, I don’t think J. K. Rowling knows about how it feels like  to be a wizard, but then, who does?, but she clearly knew  about school, bullying, different teachers and many other things  that she could incorporate into her stories.  That’s why the Harry Potter books are so popular. I know  Rachel Coker has never been orphaned before, but she was  clearly aware of how painful death can be and adjusting to new environments, so she weaved those ideas into an American WW2 setting. It’s a reason why so many people love Interrupted: Life Beyond Words.

Did you notice a common pattern in the two examples? Each author chose relatable subjects and used them as a basis for an amazing story. And for what they didn’t know, they did some research from observation,  from books and whatever random way that they found something interesting.

So what do people mean when they say ‘Write what you know?’ To put it simply, finding topics, (people, anything) that inspire you to write something. It means that you can  find relatable topics and weave them into a story in a different setting, different characters with an intriguing plotline that keeps the readers wanting to find out more.

And if you don’t know about something, e.g. living in France, not being a Christian, living WW2, you can do some research. The internet is now on almost everyone’s fingertips, so it isn’t as tricky as it used to be.

How about you?

Where do you find your inspiration?

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Writing Wednesday: They Call it Community

Community pic1




Hello everyone!

Today, we’re going to be looking at one of the crucial things that will help you as a writer: Community.

What is a community?

The dictionary defines community as  “an assemblage of interacting populations occupying a given area.”

For writers, it’s a place, online or local, where you meet up with other writers and encourage each other.

Why should writers be in a community?

As a writer, there are going to be days when you may be nervous about the writing industry, or whether you are a good writer. You need to lean on other writers as well to help you. From my experience, I have met some amazing writers who have been so encouraging for me with my stories, platform and simply when I’m not having a great day.

Where do I find a community?

There are tons of communities out there, especially on the internet.

I recommend starting on Goodreads, a book review site that also loads of groups for just about anything, including writing groups. Try and look for a group that:

A. Has your interests, e.g. Christian, Young Writer, Polls etc. You can do this by searching keywords.

B. That is active.

My top recommendation for a community on Goodreads is a group called Writing Buddies, which has a buddy system, mini competitions and just an amazing amount of support.

If you are a young writer, i.e. a writer under the age of 30, I strongly recommend The Young Writer, which not only has an awesome Facebook group, but they also have a Guidebook with tips from so many authors and publishers, a free four-part video series AND a Writer Score which assesses you as a writer in ten categories, e.g. Platform, Mentor, Strategy, Community 🙂 etc. You can take the Writer Score as many times as you wish.

If you are a teen writer, Go Teen Writers is a great community with a blog, Facebook group AND  a book for you bibliophiles.

Finally, if you are a young writer who is a Christian and wants a community and a chance to get published on a website, Kingdom Pen is for you.

Note: The last three websites are Christian based.

Remember, each writer is different and has different preferences, so don’t feel like you have to join a certain group. You do what time allows you to do.

How about you?

Are you in a community? If so, is it local or online?

What do you look for in a community?

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Writing Wednesday: Your Story

IMG_2126.PNGHello everyone!

Today, we’re going to be talking about your story.

Not your novel, or poem or even song. I’m talking about your life story. Or to put it simply, your journey as a writer.

Let me explain:

Have you ever felt that people seem to be having a better life than you? They got 1,000 followers on their blog, they’re published on big sites like the Rebelution, Kingdom Pen, they have a top author for a mentor and on top of that, they have a book contract!

It’s hard and it can be painful. I struggled with this last year when the Rebelution’s Young Writers Workshop was launched.

I chose not to join , and watching other people having these wonderful experiences was hard. But I had trusted God that He will open a door for me.

And He has, from a simple reminder, a blog post and an email.

But that took a long time, and neither of those moments happened at the same time.

So what did I do during those moments when I felt low?

I prayed, and thanked God for helping get to where I was.

I looked at those writers and started talking to them, realising that I only knew a fraction of a long and very hard story.

I found a community of people who were at different levels in their writing journeys and very encouraging .

But that’s part of my story, and there is more to come.

Your story is going is to be different from mine, but here’s the thing:

‘No two lives are the same.’ No two stories are the same. That’s what God taught me last year, and I stress that people, writers, athletes, musicians etc. understand that.

So now what do we do?

We take steps. We start writing, join a community, start a blog. You will get there, and if you trust God, it’s going to be better than you imagined.

Next week, we’ll look at the importance of having a good community.

How about you?

Where are you on your writing journey right now?

How do you deal with other people’s success?

P. S. Speaking of encouragement, there is a duo giveaway at the moment with Livy Lynn and Isabella Morganthal who have each written a book packed with encouragement for writers, and they’re giving away these books for free this week only! To receive them, sign up to Livy’s newsletter to receive her book, and Isabella’s to receive hers. I have Livy’s at the moment, and it’s really good.

Note: They didn’t ask me to say this. I was just excited enough to spread the word 😊