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Writing Wednesday: February’s Links of the Month

Hello everyone!

Yes, it really is the last day of the month!

So before we go into March, why don’t we have a look at some blogs and blog posts?

A Blog: Delighting in Him

Why: Moriah is a young writer who encourages others, in particular  young women, with her gift. And frankly, I’ve always been refreshed whenever I visit her blog, and I definitely recommend it if you’re a young woman who just needs some encouragement.

A Blog Post: Takeover Tuesday: Taylor Bennett’s Everything Wrong Can Be So Right

Why: Taylor has been such an inspiration to me as a teen writer, and her story just shows how when you work hard and have faith, a door will open for you in the form of a miracle, even if you’re a teen writer,.

A Website: The Young Writer

Why: Whilst this isn’t a blog it has  a guidebook with tips from young and veteran authors and many people from the publishing industry and a Facebook community for young writers, i.e. 30 and under, all for FREE! As well as that, they also have a paid programme for young writers which opens for enrolment in January and June. Whilst I’m not part of the programme, the community and guidebook is AMAZING and I seriously recommend you visiting this place. Ok, so I’ve written a lot for this website, but I really, really love it soo…

A Blog Post: How to Write a Query Letter

Why: If you are writer who wants to be traditionally published, this is really useful as you Rachelle’s experience with approaching editors and agents was not only encouraging, but it actually was successful, so we have an idea of what the agents/editors want.

How about you?

Which blogs/ blog posts have you enjoyed this month and why?

See you in March!

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November 2017: Links of the Month

November 2017 Links of the Month

Hello everyone.

Today, I thought I’ll show you some of my favourite websites and blog posts from this month. So here goes.

A Blog Post: The Ultimate Author Guide

Why: I absolutely loved this post by Livy Lynn! It was a checklist that took you from outlining your novel to publishing it. And as I enjoy checklists, this was very helpful in knowing where I was.

A Blog: Christ is Write

Why: This blog, run by Tessa Emily Hall, is a great place to find tips on EVERYTHING to with the writing industry and writing in general, which is really cool since  Tessa is an agent as well as an author.

A Blog: Tween You And Me

Why: When I was  tween, I found this amazing blog run the wonderful author Nancy Rue. I really enjoyed reading the devotionals and commenting on the questions that Miss. Nancy always asked.  I still go over and comment sometimes!

A Blog Post: The one thing you should do before you self edit

Why: How I wish I had read this post BEFORE I edited my first novel! It was a good thing that I was only a few chapters in when I read this post by Rachelle Rea Cobb. Like Tessa, she is also out in the writing industry and as well as being an author, she is also an editor.

How about you?

What blogs or blog posts have you enjoyed this month?