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16 Goals for my 16 Years

Hello everyone!

Today is my 16th birthday, so I thought that I’d celebrate with some goals 💖

In 2018, inspired by Meg D Gonzalez, I decided to create a number of goals according to how old I was going to be in that year.

Last year, I created 15 goals was I was turning 15. I wrote them in the front of my journal, so that I could keep accountable of what I was doing.

This year, I am sharing with you my 16 main goals before I share with you tomorrow my mini goals for Winter 2019:

1. Memorise and speak more Scriptures

2. Listen and sing to at least one worship song during Bible study

3. Explore Christian ladies/Youth conferences/events

4. Keep a prayer and devotional journal

5. Exercise 5-10 minutes a day/ 20 minutes 3 time’s a week

6. Get a job as a babysitter and tutor

7. Get at least 6 ‘9’s for my GCSEs

8. Study more

9. Write a story/ poem/devotional a month

10. Publish edevotionals and novelettes/ novellas on Kindle

11. Compose a song/ piece a month

12. Write a book of pieces/ songs

13. Learn one song in other languages a month

14. Read stories in other languages

15. Keep a language journal

16. Meet up with more people, especially Christians my age

And there you have it!

What are your goals for 2019?

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2018 Greetings

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!

As we go into 2018, I pray that may you be strengthened by God do to the impossible, that doors will open for you, and that you will be filled with joy.