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My journey as an indie author – Guest post by Kellyn Roth

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to have Kellyn Roth guest posting about indie publishing as part of her blog tour for Souls Astray. So without further ado, here’s Kellyn:

Hey readers!

Kellyn Roth here. I’m the author of Souls Astray as well as the rest of the Kees & Colliers series (and some other books, but they’re not the ones we’re talking about). I independently publish these books—which basically means I’m the publisher.

I’m in charge of writing and revising the book like every author … but I’m also in charge of hiring editors and cover designers, formatting it, deciding on the pricing, picking publication dates, and all the media stuff that comes along with it.

Being an indie author is far from simple—nor is it easy or immediately lucrative. But it’s also a very real form of publication that’s becoming more and more popular.

So today I’d like to share a bit about my journey to becoming an independent (or indie) author! It’s not much of a story, I’m afraid, but it might be helpful if you’re considering traveling down this path yourself.

Well, I started writing when I was six or seven, but I only got into it when I was twelve and finished my first longer project. Since then, I’ve been writing like a maniac.

Then I decided to publish my first novel, The Dressmaker’s Secret through Createspace (now Kindle Direct Publishing for both paperback and ebook). Now, I did this in a highly unrecommended way—with no professional cover designer and no editor and no preparation. I put the book out on January 10th … and realized that I’d missed a lot.

The first thing that hit me was marketing. Putting my book out there. Getting on social media. Sharing about my book. If you don’t build a platform, you won’t sell books—that’s the simple truth of it.

I was pretty stressed. There was a lot for me to go over! But perhaps, thought I, it’s doable. So I dove in and got started.

I primarily had my blog, Reveries, to start with, and that was a good start to my marketing. Writing for Reveries gave me a good idea of what I wanted to say, what my writing voice was like, and how I could talk to people (both through the posts and comments).

This first social media I got was Goodreads, a site for readers which allows you to rate, review, and otherwise keep track of the books you read. I got signed up for an author profile, and I primarily used it to connect with other readers—no book marketing involved. Just to share my love of reading with the world. That’s the only way to go about it. You can find my profile here.

After that I got Facebook. Now, remember this for Facebook: always create a professional author page and use that for marketing instead of your personal profile. Mine can be found here. It took some convincing, but my parents eventually came to understand how vital it was for my chosen career.

Next came Twitter followed by Instagram. Both are very useful platforms, though I’m still figuring out how to use them, I’ll admit. I love Instagram but will never be very professional on there. I’m still playing with Twitter. Honestly, it might not be for me.

Another important form of marketing is … email marketing! I use MailChimp to put together an email list/newsletter (you can subscribe to mine here) and offer some free ebooks to subscribe. Then I get to send info about my books straight to their inboxes!

Then there are street teams. A “street team” is a group of people who agree to help you share about your novels (usually in exchange for free ebooks or along those lines). My street team is called Readers of Reveries.

So those are some of the things I did to launch my career as an indie author. But a lot of it is just hard work, being a good citizen of the writer community and trusting people to help you out in return, and sticking to it.

A couple other things you can do is find a group of indie authors who write in your genre and get to know them and learn from the pros as well. But of course perseverance is the most important thing. Stick with it, keep learning, and you’ll succeed!

Thank you so much Kellyn for your awesome tips!

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour here and read her books😊

Here’s a quick teaser of her book, Souls Astray:

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Winter 2019 Goals

Hello everyone

I thought that I’ll share my winter goals that I made earlier this month with you before January ends😊

1. Have one verse to memorize a week and one Psalm to study a month

2. Sing a translation of one worship song that I know in another language during my quiet time

3. Start exercising 10-20 minutes in the weekend

4. Write prayers in my prayer/devotional journal

5. Do well in my mocks and highlight areas to work on afterwards.

6. Start outlining/brainstorming for two novelette/novella ideas

7. Start writing a devotional a week

8. Write a chord progression and melody for a piece

9. Write some ideas for songs

10. Write in my language journal once a week

11. Plan to meet up with people in February and/or March.

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16 Goals for my 16 Years

Hello everyone!

Today is my 16th birthday, so I thought that I’d celebrate with some goals 💖

In 2018, inspired by Meg D Gonzalez, I decided to create a number of goals according to how old I was going to be in that year.

Last year, I created 15 goals was I was turning 15. I wrote them in the front of my journal, so that I could keep accountable of what I was doing.

This year, I am sharing with you my 16 main goals before I share with you tomorrow my mini goals for Winter 2019:

1. Memorise and speak more Scriptures

2. Listen and sing to at least one worship song during Bible study

3. Explore Christian ladies/Youth conferences/events

4. Keep a prayer and devotional journal

5. Exercise 5-10 minutes a day/ 20 minutes 3 time’s a week

6. Get a job as a babysitter and tutor

7. Get at least 6 ‘9’s for my GCSEs

8. Study more

9. Write a story/ poem/devotional a month

10. Publish edevotionals and novelettes/ novellas on Kindle

11. Compose a song/ piece a month

12. Write a book of pieces/ songs

13. Learn one song in other languages a month

14. Read stories in other languages

15. Keep a language journal

16. Meet up with more people, especially Christians my age

And there you have it!

What are your goals for 2019?

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Introducing Creativity Challenges

Hello everyone!

This year, I want to host monthly creativity challenges for anyone who wants to do something creative each month.

It can be any form of writing, (short story, articles, novellas, books etc) music composition( songs, rondos etc) and art( photos, paintings, digital designs etc)

I’ll announce a theme and attach prompts as well to give you a creativity boost.

These projects don’t have to be finished or big- they can just be little creative exercises 😊

I’ll be posting January’s challenge tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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2018 Reflections

Warning: Apologies, but this post is very long

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2018. And if not, thank you for continuing your journey into 2019. Someone will be impacted by your story one day, if not now.

I wanted to share with you how my 2018 went, as a reflection of what happened. It was a huge year for me, and I still can’t fathom how all of this happened.


January saw my paternal grandmother going to heaven, which was a shock for everyone, especially when she survived into the New Year.

However, there is always beauty for the ashes.

I turned 15 years old, and celebrated with a lot of my friends and cousins who also have birthdays in January .

My blogging and writing got a fresh boost, with two blog tours and a lit of story ideas and outlining.


February was very musical in my house: my brother and I played in the School musical Pitt band, and my brother had other performances with another orchestra he is in.

Of course, I cannot mention February 2018 without talking about Billy Graham’s death. The interesting thing was, in the very day he died, I had a missions trip meeting, and my team leaders ended up talking about how Billy Graham affected them.


March 2018 brought in the Beast from the East, bringing the largest amount of snow that I’ve seen in England for a long time. It was so large, that schools had to be closed down!

The highlight, though, was going to Rouen with my friends on a school trip. My host family were Catholics, and were so sweet to me, which was really lovely. I’ll do anything to see them again.


We had Easter Sunday on the first day, which was a beautiful start. I was then able to go to a music camp with old and new friends, which was really fun. I also had the privilege of singing in Ely Cathedral with my school choir, although at the time it didn’t feel like an honour as I was exhausted.

The best part of April was seeing two of my closest friends getting married. Rachel baptised me three years ago, and she and her husband Josh have supported me throughout everything , whilst studying at university , helping with the church and dating each other!


I got to see two of my beautiful writing friends, Taylor and Livy, publish fantastic books.

May was also the Royal Wedding Of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which is the second Royal Wedding that I’ve watched live!

May also saw me getting a bit more active, and taking long walks around my neighbourhood.


I made new friends, and had the privilege of watching two concerts from people that I admire.

It was also where I discovered my dream sixth form, and began working towards getting a place there.


July 5th marks 3 years of getting baptised, which is crazy seeing what God has done since then.

I also finished Year 10 watching the painful match of England vs Croatia during the World Cup live. While I’m not a huge fan of football, I am a huge fan of England doing well.

Not many people get to say that they travelled to the north of Spain by bus with 90 teenagers and play in a concert in a castle, but I did! SYO Tour 2018 was amazing, and I seriously recommend that you travel to Palencia


August saw me bonding with lots of people through texting or hanging out wherever.

I really got into missions, especially after talking to a missionary and discovering Trades of Hope. Missions has been a passion of mine since I was 7, and I find it impossible for it to leave.


I started Year 11, and made so many new friends due to being a boarder buddy.

It was such an honour for me as I watched my brother receive a music award at school for continuous commitment at school and in other orchestras around the country.


October saw me temporarily say goodbye to some friends as I wasn’t joining them for SYO 2019 due to focusing on GCSEs

I went to Romania on a missions trip to Project Ruth School in Bucharest, and oh, oh, oh! I want to go back so badly. Those moments with the children were so precious, and I wish that I could have just stayed there. I had never felt so at home outside of my home before. I can’t remember being so excited about a trip, even two months afterwards, I still get excited thinking about it.

October also saw two celebrations:

1 year of blogging on WFAGG and my parents’ 21st wedding anniversary. It was one of my most favorite anniversaries that I’ve celebrated with them.


I got mission fever, and journaled and researches like crazy!

November was a month of celebration!

And if that wasn’t wonderful, I got into my dream sixth form with a Headmaster’s Award! This is one of the top schools in England, and I got in 😍😍😍

I finished my grade 8 violin, which was amazing, especially now that I am in Year 11. I also officially finished my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

When did all of these amazing things happen? In the same week!


December was a celebration of Christmas and finishing activities.

I sang the Messiah with my school choir, and I went to the cinema three times which is a record for me!

I also met up with so many friends and family members which included the sweetest niece and nephew.

2018 was an amazing year of milestones and celebrations. That didn’t mean everything was rosy. It just meant that God helped me overcome barriers that I could never have done on my own.

So what about 2019?

Well, I’m have 16 goals, but instead of creating mini goals every month toward them like I did in 2018, I will do seasonal mini goals and tell you how I am doing with my Resolutions.

I will post my Resolutions tomorrow

How about you?

How was 2018?

What are you hoping for in 2019?

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Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018.

You have seen so many amazing victories and new authors.

You’ve even seen a young writer like me grow.

So thank you. Thank you for all of the amazing memories.

And to you, my readers:

I pray that 2019 where you will see breakthroughs in writing.

I pray that you will come closer to God.

I pray that people will become closer to God because of your writing.

Have a great 2019

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Writers Boosts: Cheerleader Sessions

Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to introduce you to an amazing writers mentorship program called Cheerleader Sessions.

Cheerleader Sessions is run by Livy Lynn Jarmusch and Isabella Morganthal. They provide an hour’s Skype session , or a series of email correspondences, where you talk about your current writing/blogging journey in different areas, e.g. platform, novel writing, publishing etc.

They then discuss ways on how you can improve even more, and create a special PDF called The Game Plan, which is written differently for each individual depending on what they’ve discussed. The Game Plan gives you a step my step plan for each area on what to do.

What is brilliant about Cheerleaders Sessions is that you can book as many times as you want

I’ve known Livy and Bella for over a year now, and I can definitely say that I’ve been more motivated to write knowing that they have my back, whether it’s on Skype or simply just sending a random Insta DM.

So check them out here and I hope you will love these two ladies as much as I do 💖💖💖

And definitely check them out on Instagram @cheerleadersessions for daily doses of inspiration- they’re currently going a series called 12 Days of Marketing, which is mainly geared towards writers, but I think any businessperson or creative will benefit from their tips😊

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Writers Boosts: Abbiee Emmons

Hello everyone!

This month and during December, I’ll be picking some of my favourite creators , writers and resources that I think others can benefit from.

So without further ado, I present to you Abbiee Emmons!

If you enjoy writing tips, productivity, music , dream chasing and vlogs, I definitely recommend checking Abbiee out here. I’ve been tuning in to her YouTube channel and blog since May, and honestly, the way she communicates is just incredible. She makes writing so clear and productivity so simple and doable. And even if you are just having a bad day, her content just makes you smile anyway.

Oh, did I mention that she has awesome writing worksheets and music players specifically for writers and creators? Check her out on Spotify @abbieewithan_ie to get access to musical inspiration 😊

That is basically my reasons in a nutshell, because I could bore you if I go on, but do seriously check her out, especially if you’re a waffle lover(she loves her waffles too😊)

How about you?

Do you blog about writing as well?

Drop your blog link in the comments below 😊

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You’re Beautiful

You’re beautiful.

Don’t believe me? Simply read this article for affirmations just for you:

1. God has called you by name and has created you for a purpose-


2. The way that you live out your faith makes you more precious than anything else-

3. You were created in God’s image, meaning that you are just as creative as He is-

4. No matter how old you are, you will always make a difference to the people around you-

5. Because you love God, you are beautiful inside and out!

6. Because of your faith, people will single you out of the crowd because of your beautiful nature.

7. One day, you will be rewarded for your diligence and love.

I hope you have enjoyed SpireGirl 2018, and I pray that you will be even more blessed by what us girls post regularly 😊

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How to stay Inspired with a busy life

Hello everyone!

I hope that you’ve had an amazing October.

For the writers, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. Well, most writers. For me, trying to do NaNoWriMo in November is one of the most stressful things ever, especially when it goes on top of school, exams, orchestras, you name it.

So what am I going to do in November? How am I going to keep being productive with my dreams if I’ve got all of this work?

Well, guess what? I’m still really motivated no matter how busy I am. There is a way that you can still be productive and motivated to achieve your dreams whilst having a busy life.

Do you want to know?

Just sit down, and keep reading my friend:

1. Listen to Music

Honestly, that’s one of the best inspiration sources ever! One of the reasons why I am always busting with ideas is because I listen to music 24/7. If you want to get encouraged, inspired and motivated, then just press play on your Spotify or whatever you use to listen to music 😊

2. Read, read, read

Seriously, just read! Whether it’s a book, magazine, newsfeed, blogpost or even the crazy thing that I’d social media! There will be moments when you’re reading when you will suddenly go, “Oo! I’ve got to use this at some point!” God gave us eyes- we might as well use our eyes to inspire us!

3. Set monthly goals

As you know, I set 4-6 goals a month, major or minor, to complete. Whether you set goals daily, weekly or monthly, knowing that you have goals will motivate you to complete them, and it will inspire you to do even more things that maybe you wouldn’t usually do.

4. Journal

Yeah, I love journalling. Whether it is through art or writing, just capturing what’s happened in the day is an amazing feel, and sometimes when I look back, I suddenly get an idea for a project that I could do in the future.

So there you have it. 4 Ways to help you stay inspired even when you’re busy.

How about you?

Do you have ways to keep you motivated when you are busy?