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August 2018 Reflections and September 2018 Resolutions

Hello everyone!

Happy September!

August was quite busy with camp and meeting up with people.

Let’s have a look at August goals

1. Write and submit an article to Project Inspired

I wrote an article… but I’ve been editing it. I’m hoping to submit it this month though.

2. Continue studying for GCSEs

Yes, it was hard work, but I think it will pay off 😊

3. Find some Christian French and Spanish singers to listen to

Sadly, I wasn’t very successful, but I will keep trying!

4. Start learning Romanian for my mission trip to Romania in October!

I have started a little bit, but I need to do more and practice with someone.

5. Compose a song

Yes! It’s really cute, too😊

Now I’m in September!

So here are my goals:

1. Submit an article to Project Inspired

2. Start speaking some Romanian

3. Do exam papers on my GCSE subjects each week.

4. Edit When Martha Rests, my devotional book,.

5. Plan a blog event for October/ November for this blog’s one year birthday( 1 year, guys!)

6. Compose a song

6 goals! Eeep! Hopefully, I can get them all done.

How about you?

How was your August?

How are your goals coming along?


Hi. My name is Medomfo Owusu. I love writing, drawing, languages, playing music , singing and telling people about my faith as a Christian.

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