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My birthday in 2018

Hello Everyone.

As you probably have guessed, today is my birthday.

So I thought that I’d journal some of the events that happened today.

It started on Friday when my little friends from Reception gave me a really sweet birthday card.

Then, on Sunday, the fun began.

I woke up to receive birthday messages from my friends at church, school and abroad.

I had wonderful gifts from my family, which were exactly what I needed as a writer: a good book by one of my favourite authors and a piece of technology.

We then went to church, where my youth worker gave me the birthday task of doing the reading, which is one of my favourite jobs at church. I wore my little badge and read. Then, as I went back to my seat, the minister asked if it was my birthday and, after I said yes, got a round of applause from the congregation and many birthday wishes after the service!

I was given these flowers from friend at church and a card from another.

When I got home, I did a lot of outlining for my novel. It snowed a little, but sadly, I didn’t have my camera to capture the beauty.

In the evening, I went to one of my favourite restaurants with my family, and ended up having someone from school as our waiter!

Overall, it was a wonderful birthday and a wonderful weekend.

How about you?

How was your weekend.



Hi. My name is Medomfo Owusu. I love writing, drawing, languages, playing music , singing and telling people about my faith as a Christian.

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